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ProTech Web Protection

We keep you protected from malicious websites and downloads.  You can also rest assured that your children or employees aren’t visiting sites that you don’t want them to.  We can block individual sites, groups of sites, or entire categories of content – all to your preference.

We Are the best computer repair and IT service provider in the albuquerque area

smartphone and tablet screens

We repair or replace broken screens for most major brands of tablets and smartphones.  Give us a call or use our contact form to find out if yours is fixable.

laptop repair

We replace cracked and broken screens, damaged or failing keyboards, broken charging ports, hard drives and more, on every major brand of laptop.  


technical support

ProTech Managed IT services are the affordable way to have professional technical support for your home or small business without the expense of a fulltime technical staff.

virus and Malware removal

Viruses and malware are one of the leading causes of stolen identity along with computer crashes and data loss or theft.  We clean your infected system and recover your valuable data.

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We offer free quotes and answer a lot of basic technical questions for free.  We love to help solve your problems!